Pro-Life Updates

Anti-Abortion Bill Becomes Law In Oklahoma

(Reuters) - A bill prohibiting public funds from being used for most abortions has become law in Oklahoma after a deadline passed for the state's governor to veto the measure.

"If the governor doesn't act, it becomes law," said his spokesman, Phil Bacharach. Gov. Brad Henry had until midnight on Wednesday night to veto the bill. Read more..

UK Parliament Faces Fight Over Abortion Counseling, Waiting Periods

( - Britain's parliament looks set for another fight over abortion this summer as a lawmaker pushes for a mandatory waiting period for women wanting the procedure.Ann Winterton, a Conservative member of parliament from northwest England, plans to introduce a bill on June 5 requiring women seeking an abortion to receive counseling from a doctor or qualified professional. After getting information about possible alternatives and assistance that may be available, the woman would then have seven days to decide whether to go ahead with ending the pregnancy. Read more..

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