Clinton, Obama Hit Similar Chords in Pennsylvania

(USA Today) The Democratic presidential candidates hit populist notes as they nearly crossed paths campaigning for votes in Pennsylvania's April 22 primary, the next contest in their marathon battle for the nomination.

On the issues here Monday, Clinton and Obama were virtually indistinguishable. Read more...

With so little difference in the issues between Hillary and Obama, how is it that large double-digit percentages of Democrat voters in each camp emphatically state that they will sit out the election if their candidate does not make the Democrat nomination?

Here is a theory: In a relativist mindset, feelings are the most important guide. If you doubt me, just ask Oprah. Other criteria, such as logic, proportion, the constitution, and the concept of absolute truth, matter little.

Stripped of all objective criteria, all you have left is a cult of personality. Identity-based politics, as opposed to issues-based politics, can cause animosity between similar campaigns to run deep.