Obama and The Billionaires

If you happen to be in San Francisco this week and don't mind dropping $2,300 a head for a reception then I have just the ticket.

It's a reception for Democratic hopeful Barack Obama at the Pacific Heights mansion of billionaire couple Ann and Gordon Getty.

More than 400 guests are expected to toss close to a million bucks into the coffer. Absent from the party will be Mayor Gavin Newsom, who - despite his close business and family ties to the Gettys - remains a big-time Hillary Clinton backer.

The gathering is being co-hosted by another Newsom business partner, Joe Cotchett, former state Controller Steve Westly (a possible Newsom rival for governor in 2010) and District Attorney Kamala Harris.

I thinking I'll wait for the $5.99 All You Can Eat Special.

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